Becoming Strangers

Stability.  Security.  Familiarity. Boooooring…… What about adventure?  Excitement?  New experiences?  Aren’t they the things that give life its rich flavour?  Aren’t they the things that we will look back on and remember with a smile? Those peak experiences, the thrill of the new, the taste of the unfamiliar…. Well, yes, but by their very nature … More Becoming Strangers

Words Unsaid

I have always tried to live in such a way that when the time comes for me to enter the twilight of my life I will be able look back and say I would do it all again.  Of course, with the knowledge and wisdom that age and experience bring we may look back at … More Words Unsaid

I Had a Black Dog

Winston Churchill used the metaphor of the black dog to describe his bouts of depression and (in the only sentence I will ever be mentioned alongside Churchill) I too am the non-too proud owner of a black dog. I have referred to my previous struggles with depression in earlier posts and the resulting feedback from others … More I Had a Black Dog

Time, Always Time…

I’m listening to too much Damien Rice.  A particular lyric is playing on a loop in my mind, “There’s always time On my mind So pass me by, I’ll be fine Just give me time.” You don’t expect to be broken hearted in your 40s, and you certainly don’t expect it to happen twice in … More Time, Always Time…

A Strange Phenomenon

I read.  A lot.  True to type one of the first things that I did when my wife and I split up was to buy myself some books on dealing with separation and divorce.  When reading about the turbulent emotions and feelings that I could expect to feel – after the numbness would wear off … More A Strange Phenomenon