The Price of Nice?

“You know your problem Matthew?  You’re too nice.” I’ve lost count of the amount of times this has been said to me.  Well, I haven’t been keeping count, but you get the point. How is it possible to be too nice?  I like to be nice; on the whole I’d say life is better when … More The Price of Nice?

We Could be Heroes

My house is home to various superheroes.  I have a 4 year old son and superheroes hold a particular fascination for little boys, a fascination that I would suggest endures in big boys (Superman, in case you were wondering). My son’s hero of the moment is Hulk, in all his muscular green glory.  As fathers I … More We Could be Heroes

A Very Modern Malady (or Online Dating Fatigue)

Ok, I’m tired of dating, we’ve established that (  But perhaps I should explain a little more for those of you that haven’t had the opportunity to step onto the dating treadmill. For me dating is a means to an end and that is a long-term relationship with someone that will take a special place … More A Very Modern Malady (or Online Dating Fatigue)