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One Day


One day I am going to grow wings.

One day my life will be richer for the hardships of today, my wounds transformed into wisdom, and those that have hurt me will be revealed as my teachers, guides that directed me onto the path that led to a better destination.

One day today’s struggles will be the source of smiles not sorrow, as missing pieces of the jigsaw are added to reveal a glorious expanse of sky framing a small grey cloud; I will look back on today and hold my head up high knowing that through the changes that life forced me to make, my values remained constant.

One day my children will understand that I did the best I could to make sure that their childhood was happy and secure in spite of divorce; they will know that wherever I am I carry them with me and that wherever they are they are loved. When challenged to do right by others they will be able to ask themselves, ‘what would Dad do?’

One day the loneliness I feel today will be revealed not as a time of silence and sadness but of recovery and renewal; the absence of a relationship revealed to have offered the opportunity to deepen my relationship with the one constant I will ever have in my life.

One day I will find you; the frayed strands of my life will be embroidered together, disparate segments joined to create a beautiful whole. Our paths will converge when each of us is ready and we will continue our journeys through life together, the painful lessons of today deepening the bond we share.

One day today’s confusion will be today’s clarity, and today’s past will emerge as the platform from which I reach my highest peaks.

One day you will think of me and say, ‘my life was brighter because you were a part of it’.

One day my words, born of hurt and disappointment, shall bring you comfort.

One day I am going to grow wings, and as my heart sings my soul will fly.

Let Down – Radiohead

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  1. I can identify with everything you write here, but most of all this post gives me hope…one day 😊

  2. Lovely, although when my melted brain read the first line, I thought you’d written, “One day I am going to grow wigs,” and I thought, “Like a chia pet head?” BTW, stumbled across your blog from Suzie Speaks.

  3. Read this thanks to Suzie Speaks. 🙂 Lovely post. I’ve lived those words, and in some ways still live some of them. My husband chose to end our a marriage a few years back. I felt such embarrassment and shame at the time he walked away from myself and our children. (I read your post about divorce). I felt embarrassment about what our neighbors thought. But,….that was a while back. It hasn’t been easy. It’s been a struggle, but just keep looking forwards. Life does and will get better!

    1. Thank you for reading and for your kind comments. It’s always good to hear from people that can identify with what I’ve written, especially so when they have become better for their experiences. Very best wishes to you and thanks again 🙂

      1. Best wishes to you, too. One other thing to remember, everything in its right time. By right time I mean right for you. Friends and family are great, and are wonderful support, but sometimes they “think” they know when we should be doing what, and when we should do it. The truth is it’s not their path, nor their lives that have been uprooted. They mean well, so appreciate their input, but know you have to do what’s right for you when it’s right for you. And, it’s okay to tell them that – respectfully. 🙂

          1. Been there done that, and still doing it! It’s tough. After my divorce, I moved back to South Carolina to be near my Mom, other family, and friends. I thought it was the right move to make, but it turned out not to be. However, God, Fate, Destiny, The Universe had other plans for me, and disregarded my attempts to leave South Carolina. I was less than patient or appreciative of this. 🙂 But, finally, after living in South Carolina for seven years, I have only recently moved to Florida. I LOVE it! And am happier than I’ve been in a long, long time. So, the saying “Good things come to those who wait” is true. And life wasn’t horrible in South Carolina. It just wasn’t what I had hoped. However, I did make some lifelong friends there, so…..

  4. Hi Mathew,

    After reading your “If I Could Turn Back Time”, I came here to read more about you, curious to find a man’s perspective on the emotions that are embedded in your writing and I must say I was not disappointed! I like the glow that shimmers through your words in this post too. Yes! One day your children are going to appreciate those wings, which are being nurtured with so much hope and determination. Stay blessed and be happy. 🙂

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