The Promise of Day

Tear off my skin, climb outside, To escape the captors that imprison my mind; Depart the body, broken and used, Dragging my demons, to my soul they fuse. Extinguishing hope, narrowing view, Life as I’d known it, over, through; The life that’s coming, distant, unclear, Suffocating, breathless, blanketed in fear. A void widens afore me, The … More The Promise of Day

The Flame

My light flickers, tired, subdued, The flame beaten down, its heat all but used; A whispered glow, subtle hints of what was, Retreats deeper within, its kindling lost. My core chills, fire to ice, Burning embers, dampened, no light; Cold and empty, harsh winter’s bite, Passionate hope fades from sight. A spark catches, flame awakes, … More The Flame

Divine Madness

A recent conversation has prompted one of those deep and meaning(ful/less – delete as applicable) musings of mine. Oh how lucky for you that I have a vehicle to share such musings with the wider world… The conversation touched on spiritual awakenings, mental breakdowns and the difference between the two. Now, I’m conscious that not … More Divine Madness

The Disposables

We live in a disposable age. New technologies and next big things coming and going in the blink of an eye. As much as we all want to feel special and unique people are disposable too. From the professional workplace to personal relationships it seems that the currency of people hasn’t exactly reached the gold … More The Disposables