The Promise of Day


Tear off my skin, climb outside,
To escape the captors that imprison my mind;
Depart the body, broken and used,
Dragging my demons, to my soul they fuse.

Extinguishing hope, narrowing view,
Life as I’d known it, over, through;
The life that’s coming, distant, unclear,
Suffocating, breathless, blanketed in fear.

A void widens afore me,
The abyss, it calls my name;
Hell affords its invite,
Another broken soul to claim.

As swirling madness batters,
All that once was good;
My silent scream, echoes,
Throughout an empty wood.

Stripped of all that held me,
Raw flesh angrily exposed;
Liberating loneliness,
It’s me and me alone.

Descending through the darkness,
Weighted by my blackened soul;
Praying I find rock bottom,
It’s my only chance to grow.

I will endure the torture,
From the ashes I shall stride;
In the light of a new morning,
I will see with brand new eyes.

Scars no longer angry,
Mere patterns of the past;
Wisdom sealed within them,
To guide along the path.

The sun it always rises,
Shadows never stay;
Persevere through the darkness,
Night holds the promise of day.

Here Comes The Sun – The Beatles


7 thoughts on “The Promise of Day

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words, they are much appreciated and I’m really pleased that you like my work 🙂 It means a lot to know that people are able to relate to what I write. Thank you for reading and I’ll be sure to check out your writing too.

      Liked by 1 person

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