Illuminating the Shadow Within


A shadow inside, dormant,
But alive;
Wish it would leave,
But within me he hides.

Waiting to catch me,
Blind, complacent;
To wreak his havoc,
For his chance, ever patient.

Hoping that one day,
I will forget;
That within he resides,
A faultline in my head.

To possess me wholly, consume me,
My soul, my light, my hope,
He’ll devour.

My spirit his lifeblood,
He feeds on his host;
A parasitic presence,
This unholy ghost.

From the bowels of hell he rises,
Fire feeding his flame;
A burning white inferno within,
This charred carcass of shame.

Broken, empty,
Hostile takeover complete;
Talons sinking deeper,
Dismantling piece by piece.

Leaving but a hollow shell,
Of the man I used to be;
No identity but the shadow,
That’s disguised itself as me.

And so I choose to open myself,
Expose the shadow to light;
To shine upon his hiding place,
And keep him in my sights.

My pen is thus my weapon,
Emancipating words that glow;
With the light of awareness to irradiate,
This cancer of the soul.

And may my pages wrap in comfort,
Those with shadows of their own;
Illuminate and brighten,
Their darkened paths with hope.


Little Shadow – Yeah Yeah Yeahs


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