Matthew Williams: Love, Laughter & Truth

Walking Among the Wounded


Walking among the wounded,
What hides behind the smiles?
The better selves placed on display,
What hurts is it they hide?

Searching for that someone,
Who’ll bring purpose to painful pasts;
Anaesthetise bitter memories,
Break their hearts free from their casts.

Is it just a tonic?
A distraction from the pain?
Placebos that promise rapid relief,
Curatives that quickly wane.

A gauze that lightly covers,
Bleeding sores concealed;
Wounds that risk infection,
Unless given time to heal.

Lacerations are not tended to,
Nor soothed by hands of those,
Concealing or still reeling from,
Damage of their own.

Walking among the wounded,
On the other side of love;
Take shelter from the fallout,
Don’t be their collateral, be enough.

Hurt – Nine Inch Nails