When the Love Stops

img_1115When the love stops,
Hopes lost,
Gone is our forever;
Promises made,
That we’d stay,
Together whatever the weather.

Till death do us part,
Blown apart,
Promises in tatters;
Solemn vows,
A love that’s bound,
For eternity, now shattered.

Devastation hits,
A tonne of bricks,
Desperation writ upon me;
Where to turn,
How to learn,
To live without her beside me?

A dismantled life,
Cut like a knife,
The ties that bind, severed;
Future days,
An unfamiliar shape,
Drifting, alone, untethered.

Fast forward now,
Got through somehow,
A brand new life I’m making;
The past recedes,
Just memories,
The future, mine for taking.

Sweet Song – Blur


4 thoughts on “When the Love Stops

  1. This makes me think that love is a hungry animal ….it requires sustenance….. feeding otherwise it will die..

    The one type will stay hungry….obedient …staying by it’s masters side ….dying slowely….impotent….cannot seek change ….or refusal/denial that’s it hungry….searching and grateful for crumbs….accepting hunger…as it’s fate

    The other type will not and cannot die…..instinct to survive too strong it seeks its sustenance elsewhere….breaking free from death….and in its wake leaving devastation….

    To stay in something loveless…..is to give up hope…resign….I don’t think that settles well in our natural instinct to survive….we all deserve to love and be loved…..and maybe some relationships will never work…and need to breakdown so others can be formed….however painful….

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