Embracing the Unknown

img_1120No man is promised tomorrow,
If it comes, it’s without guarantee,
That today will be better than yesterday,
That you will wake beside me.

The sun it always rises,
But clouds can obscure its shine,
Cold winds cut through its warming glow,
With a chill that bites inside.

Change is an ever-present constant,
What is, becomes what was;
Appreciate moments whilst they’re here because,
What is found can become what was lost.

Embrace boldly life’s uncertainty,
Know that to fight it will hold you back,
From opportunities hidden within the chaos,
From moving forwards without looking back.

Be resolute on the unknowing,
And unknowable road ahead;
Beautiful destinations await you,
So calm the storm that’s in your head.

Let the turmoil that surrounds you,
Be not your enemy, but a friend,
That will lead you to a better place,
Until you find it, it’s not the end.

The only certainty we’ll get from life,
The only guarantee, for sure;
Is that it’s what we make of it,
And the power to change it lies with you.

Tomorrow – James


9 thoughts on “Embracing the Unknown

  1. I’m divorcing. After being unsafe involved in a war zone for several years. Recovering from adrenal burnout and pts. husband walked out, demanded buy out and left. sounds hilarious to part if me. I’m doing well often but….Some days I don’t want to live and can’t see the point. Those days are hard. This is one of them. I just found your site.

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