Dating for Dummies – 9 Lessons from the Rocky Road to Romance

Well, 2016 is rounding off to a close and folks, it’s been quite a year. Much of it has been spent riding the dating rollercoaster so here is a round-up of some of the lessons I’ve learned through all of the thrills, spills and chills. If you’ve been there may I raise from you a … More Dating for Dummies – 9 Lessons from the Rocky Road to Romance

Terminal Debris

Image: Ivan Aivazovsky Drifting among the wreckage Of terminal debris Bent out of shape, contorted Twisted beneath a sea Of shipwrecks born of violent storms And crashing waves of fury That carry ships against their wish To murky depths of cruelty Where hulls corrode and dark enfolds The promise that launched each voyage Ships of … More Terminal Debris

Empty Page

White empty page, blank but for promise A pen that is poised, summoning words to flow from it Who knows where they’re born, from which well they spring How they bleed from the ink Revealing what’s within Illuminating emotions that are buried inside Thoughts and feelings that otherwise hide Eluding articulation In a confusing swirl … More Empty Page


Image: Michael Tompsett They hide but they’re among us, Camouflaged by plastic smiles; The damaged and the broken, Tarnished substance beneath the style. Branded by love’s imposter, Scorched hearts that bleed unstaunched; Poisoned trails of vows left scattered, Polluting future’s promise, dreams torn. Beaten by the devil’s disciple, Demons sink beneath the skin; Serpent’s tongues … More Damaged

Lost & Found

Faith and hope carry us along, What is left if they are gone? Fear the worst, expect life to bite, No comfort in happiness, a transitory night. Dare to expect better, good things abound, A flame flickers, briefly, before being snuffed out; Smoke trails fade, memories pass, Hopes for the future consigned to the past. … More Lost & Found