Lost & Found

img_1164Faith and hope carry us along,
What is left if they are gone?
Fear the worst, expect life to bite,
No comfort in happiness, a transitory night.

Dare to expect better, good things abound,
A flame flickers, briefly, before being snuffed out;
Smoke trails fade, memories pass,
Hopes for the future consigned to the past.

Dreams of tomorrow, slumbering deep,
A wish for memories that the heart can keep;
To revisit with a smile for blessings found,
Untarnished by the present and how things turned out.

Faith and hope will rise again,
Bearing new knowledge, from experience gained;
The time arrives to raise high your head,
Embrace a new future, put fear to bed.

Disappointments, let-downs, blows from the blue,
Below the belt punches, slings and arrows will hit you;
It’s nothing personal, it’s just life I guess,
So hang onto your hopes and don’t settle for less.

Last Goodbye – Jeff Buckley


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