Image: Michael Tompsett

They hide but they’re among us,
Camouflaged by plastic smiles;
The damaged and the broken,
Tarnished substance beneath the style.

Branded by love’s imposter,
Scorched hearts that bleed unstaunched;
Poisoned trails of vows left scattered,
Polluting future’s promise, dreams torn.

Beaten by the devil’s disciple,
Demons sink beneath the skin;
Serpent’s tongues tracing toxic taunts,
Dragging souls to a hell that’s within.

The damaged and the broken,
Defences breached, weakness enfolds;
Those lesser men among us,
That crack upon pressure’s approach.

Before we cast our judgment,
Condemning damaged goods;
Before pouring our scorn down upon the weak,
That drown in tears aflood.

Be thankful if never you’ve wrestled,
With a monster that lives inside;
For if the darkness sets its sights on you,
You may find there’s nowhere to hide.

The blackness infecting those damaged souls,
Taking hostage faith and trust;
Is the darkness of the human heart,
That lives in all of us.

Lua – Bright Eyes


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