On Tattoos & Transformation – The Meaning Beneath the Ink

img_1625In 2006 I was transformed; painfully, permanently.

That was the year I suffered a mental breakdown and spent the majority of the year surrounded by the thick fog of depression.

Emerging from the darkness after many endless months it was apparent to me that I would never be the same again, that everything I thought I knew about myself was open to question, that the very nature of my identity could no longer be taken for granted or accepted as something that merely is.

Out of this transition came another transformation, this time on the outside. Feeling reborn, I booked an appointment for my first tattoo…

This post was written for Transformation Is Real – Tat Tales. To continue reading please follow the link: https://transformation-is-real.com/tir-tat-tales/2017/2/15/matthews-change-

Tilted – Christine and the Queens



4 thoughts on “On Tattoos & Transformation – The Meaning Beneath the Ink

  1. I’m about to open a tattoo studio this year and will be learning to do tattoos myself, precisely because I want to help people do the same thing you did – mark momentous life transitions, transform into something newer and hopefully better, or just express themselves to the world.

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    1. Sounds great! I love everything about getting a tattoo and being a tattoo artist must be a very satisfying way to make a living. Good luck!


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