Gathering Storms


When dark clouds gather and smother you,
Overbearing with their gloom;
When chills set in, piercing skin,
When hope leaks out from you.

As a whirling storm gathers,
Howling winds and beating rains;
Whose violent force set searing course,
Pounding, lashing, driving you insane.

Nature harsh and heartless,
Life’s bitter curse raps at your door;
Testing soul’s resolve, as your will is called,
To battle till you can fight no more.

Deep inside the storm I see you,
Weather-beaten, a cracked facade;
Scourged from the cold, struggling to hold,
Your composure in fate’s cruel hand.

These daily trials and struggles,
Summon forth from deep within;
Resources held in character’s well,
To steady you from the spin.

And as the storm subsides and ebbs away,
For inevitably it must;
You refused to fall, now stand up tall,
For in your strength and your courage you can trust.

Gimme Shelter – The Rolling Stones


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