I Didn’t Want to Change, But Life Demanded that I Must…

‘Matthew, you’ve changed…’

Yes, that’s right, I’ve changed. A lot. Depression and divorce will do that to a man, you see.

Well, I say that, but that’s not necessarily true is it? Sometimes life has to keep throwing the same old shit at us time, and time, and time again, until we finally get the point: maybe I’ve got something to do with this. Maybe it’s not so much that things have to change, but that I have to change. And when that happens, when we make the changes in ourselves that life, in its infinite wisdom, demands of us, then the way that life shapes itself around us changes too.

Which all sounds very well and good, in a modern, hippy-dippy, pseudo-cod-philosophizing bullshit kind of way. But actually, it happens to be true. I can prove it…

This post was written for Transformation Is Real and can be read in full here (go on, I think you’ll like it…): https://transformation-is-real.com/blog/matthew-williams-change-tir


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