Stumbling Through Fog

Stumbling through fog, steps unsteady, Lacking direction, feet feeling heavy; Tied to a weight that anchors my will, Resists forward motion, implores me to be still. To shrink within the mist that obscures the way, Out of this funk that shrouds my days; Draws blinds across the path that stretches far ahead, Starving hopes to … More Stumbling Through Fog

On Tattoos & Transformation – The Meaning Beneath the Ink

In 2006 I was transformed; painfully, permanently. That was the year I suffered a mental breakdown and spent the majority of the year surrounded by the thick fog of depression. Emerging from the darkness after many endless months it was apparent to me that I would never be the same again, that everything I thought … More On Tattoos & Transformation – The Meaning Beneath the Ink

It’s Time to Talk – Mental Illness: A Common Opponent

I’ve always been a talker, for as long as I can remember. Talk a glass eye to sleep I could. If it came into my head then, more often than not, it would fall out of my mouth in pretty short order. It’s fair to say that this characteristic hasn’t always been appreciated as countless … More It’s Time to Talk – Mental Illness: A Common Opponent


Image: Michael Tompsett They hide but they’re among us, Camouflaged by plastic smiles; The damaged and the broken, Tarnished substance beneath the style. Branded by love’s imposter, Scorched hearts that bleed unstaunched; Poisoned trails of vows left scattered, Polluting future’s promise, dreams torn. Beaten by the devil’s disciple, Demons sink beneath the skin; Serpent’s tongues … More Damaged

Chasing the Horizon

Image: Anna Hergert It’s said a journey of a thousand miles, Begins with a single step; And as left foot follows right foot, Step boldly with no regrets. For every ravine and valley, For each mountain and river wild; A waterfall waits, an oasis of calm, To replenish, cleanse and revive. Every detour and blind … More Chasing the Horizon