Best Laid Plans… Starting Again After Divorce

In between threatening to make his opponent his girlfriend and to eat his rivals’ children, Mike Tyson uttered some wise words in his time. This particular quote has a certain resonance with the divorced middle-aged man looking to pick up the pieces of his life and start again. Well, with this one at least. Except … More Best Laid Plans… Starting Again After Divorce


Image: Michael Tompsett They hide but they’re among us, Camouflaged by plastic smiles; The damaged and the broken, Tarnished substance beneath the style. Branded by love’s imposter, Scorched hearts that bleed unstaunched; Poisoned trails of vows left scattered, Polluting future’s promise, dreams torn. Beaten by the devil’s disciple, Demons sink beneath the skin; Serpent’s tongues … More Damaged

A Life Segmented (It’s Good, But It’s Not Right)

When I was 8 I fell off my bike and dislocated my elbow. It bloody knacked. The pain wasn’t helped by the friendly doctor in Accident & Emergency who helpfully advised me that ‘crying isn’t going to help’. Yeah thanks, wish I’d thought of that. It was months before my arm would fully straighten and, … More A Life Segmented (It’s Good, But It’s Not Right)

Chasing the Horizon

Image: Anna Hergert It’s said a journey of a thousand miles, Begins with a single step; And as left foot follows right foot, Step boldly with no regrets. For every ravine and valley, For each mountain and river wild; A waterfall waits, an oasis of calm, To replenish, cleanse and revive. Every detour and blind … More Chasing the Horizon

Back to Me

Where once there was you There is space Space that is mine to fill That is wide Empty Where silence… echoes Where the only answers to be found Are inside A vacuum that calls to be filled A missing piece that desire seeks to replace But what will fit Within this re-shapen frame of life? … More Back to Me

Embracing the Unknown

No man is promised tomorrow, If it comes, it’s without guarantee, That today will be better than yesterday, That you will wake beside me. The sun it always rises, But clouds can obscure its shine, Cold winds cut through its warming glow, With a chill that bites inside. Change is an ever-present constant, What is, … More Embracing the Unknown

When the Love Stops

When the love stops, Hopes lost, Gone is our forever; Promises made, That we’d stay, Together whatever the weather. Till death do us part, Blown apart, Promises in tatters; Solemn vows, A love that’s bound, For eternity, now shattered. Devastation hits, A tonne of bricks, Desperation writ upon me; Where to turn, How to learn, … More When the Love Stops

The View From the Left – Considering the ‘Leaver’ (Or, the Other Casualty of Divorce)

Image: Illuminated Dandelion Perhaps unsurprisingly, since writing about my divorce I’ve had a few people confide in me that they are unhappy in their marriage. This, and hearing the wonderful ‘Leaving’ by Suede this morning, has prompted reflection on the ‘other side’ of the story: that of the person that leaves. Technically I guess I … More The View From the Left – Considering the ‘Leaver’ (Or, the Other Casualty of Divorce)

Exit Stage Left

“Hello? Hello?” Silence echoes; the heavy atmosphere hums persistently, no movement or sounds to disturb the stillness. “Can you hear me?” Questions cast out into a sea of endless answers, an empty net returned. “Can you see me?” Does your mind’s eye hold my image? Is it sharp, clear, or does it blur around the … More Exit Stage Left