Back to Me

Where once there was you There is space Space that is mine to fill That is wide Empty Where silence… echoes Where the only answers to be found Are inside A vacuum that calls to be filled A missing piece that desire seeks to replace But what will fit Within this re-shaped frame of life? … More Back to Me

Exit Stage Left

“Hello? Hello?” Silence echoes; the heavy atmosphere hums persistently, no movement or sounds to disturb the stillness. “Can you hear me?” Questions cast out into a sea of endless answers, an empty net returned. “Can you see me?” Does your mind’s eye hold my image? Is it sharp, clear, or does it blur around the … More Exit Stage Left

Words Unsaid

I have always tried to live in such a way that when the time comes for me to enter the twilight of my life I will be able look back and say I would do it all again.  Of course, with the knowledge and wisdom that age and experience bring we may look back at … More Words Unsaid