Image: Michael Tompsett They hide but they’re among us, Camouflaged by plastic smiles; The damaged and the broken, Tarnished substance beneath the style. Branded by love’s imposter, Scorched hearts that bleed unstaunched; Poisoned trails of vows left scattered, Polluting future’s promise, dreams torn. Beaten by the devil’s disciple, Demons sink beneath the skin; Serpent’s tongues … More Damaged

Lost & Found

Faith and hope carry us along, What is left if they are gone? Fear the worst, expect life to bite, No comfort in happiness, a transitory night. Dare to expect better, good things abound, A flame flickers, briefly, before being snuffed out; Smoke trails fade, memories pass, Hopes for the future consigned to the past. … More Lost & Found

Our Life in Rhyme – Introducing a Unique, Personalised Gift

Are you struggling to find a gift for the person that has everything? Are you wanting to find a gift that’s a bit different? Would you like to give someone special a gift that lets them know just how much they mean to you? ‘Our Life in Rhyme’ is a unique, personalised gift for someone … More Our Life in Rhyme – Introducing a Unique, Personalised Gift

Chasing the Horizon

Image: Anna Hergert It’s said a journey of a thousand miles, Begins with a single step; And as left foot follows right foot, Step boldly with no regrets. For every ravine and valley, For each mountain and river wild; A waterfall waits, an oasis of calm, To replenish, cleanse and revive. Every detour and blind … More Chasing the Horizon

Back to Me

Where once there was you There is space Space that is mine to fill That is wide Empty Where silence… echoes Where the only answers to be found Are inside A vacuum that calls to be filled A missing piece that desire seeks to replace But what will fit Within this re-shaped frame of life? … More Back to Me


H old on to the faintest of glimmers and know, that this dark winter is O nly but a season, and though it may be cold and dark, I P romise you, that E verything is going to be alright, your light will shine again. Soundtrack: By The Sea – Suede

That’s Living!

Screwed up, chewed up, spat out, flat out, Broken pieces scattered; Sprayed across the cold hard ground, Torn up, wrung out, shattered. Spun around, dizzy now, senses numb, Confusion; Wonder how, time and time again, this game, I’m losing. Look around, wonder how, and when, Hope be returning; Hearing lines, seeing signs, what do they … More That’s Living!

The Flame

My light flickers, tired, subdued, The flame beaten down, its heat all but used; A whispered glow, subtle hints of what was, Retreats deeper within, its kindling lost. My core chills, fire to ice, Burning embers, dampened, no light; Cold and empty, harsh winter’s bite, Passionate hope fades from sight. A spark catches, flame awakes, … More The Flame