Our Life in Rhyme – Introducing a Unique, Personalised Gift

Are you struggling to find a gift for the person that has everything? Are you wanting to find a gift that’s a bit different? Would you like to give someone special a gift that lets them know just how much they mean to you? ‘Our Life in Rhyme’ is a unique, personalised gift for someone … More Our Life in Rhyme – Introducing a Unique, Personalised Gift

The Promise of Day

Tear off my skin, climb outside, To escape the captors that imprison my mind; Depart the body, broken and used, Dragging my demons, to my soul they fuse. Extinguishing hope, narrowing view, Life as I’d known it, over, through; The life that’s coming, distant, unclear, Suffocating, breathless, blanketed in fear. A void widens afore me, The … More The Promise of Day

The Flame

My light flickers, tired, subdued, The flame beaten down, its heat all but used; A whispered glow, subtle hints of what was, Retreats deeper within, its kindling lost. My core chills, fire to ice, Burning embers, dampened, no light; Cold and empty, harsh winter’s bite, Passionate hope fades from sight. A spark catches, flame awakes, … More The Flame

Divine Madness

A recent conversation has prompted one of those deep and meaning(ful/less – delete as applicable) musings of mine. Oh how lucky for you that I have a vehicle to share such musings with the wider world… The conversation touched on spiritual awakenings, mental breakdowns and the difference between the two. Now, I’m conscious that not … More Divine Madness

How About a Hot Mug of ‘Man Up’ Son? – On Being a Man in 2016

During the course of any conversation with me you can expect to hear the sentence ‘I once read that…’ at least three times. If I’m reading a particularly interesting book this may increase to somewhere north of 10 times pch (per conversation hour). In between parenting, working, dating, writing and auditioning for First Dates, I … More How About a Hot Mug of ‘Man Up’ Son? – On Being a Man in 2016