Stumbling Through Fog

Stumbling through fog, steps unsteady, Lacking direction, feet feeling heavy; Tied to a weight that anchors my will, Resists forward motion, implores me to be still. To shrink within the mist that obscures the way, Out of this funk that shrouds my days; Draws blinds across the path that stretches far ahead, Starving hopes to … More Stumbling Through Fog

Interview With A Dating Blogger

Following my recent photo shoot with Hey Saturday (, founder Saskia Nelson asked if I would mind being interviewed for the site’s blog.  After a thoroughly enjoyable – and free – photoshoot I wasn’t going to say no was I? What would be my advice to anybody looking to date after divorce? How do I handle … More Interview With A Dating Blogger

Gathering Storms

When dark clouds gather and smother you, Overbearing with their gloom; When chills set in, piercing skin, When hope leaks out from you. As a whirling storm gathers, Howling winds and beating rains; Whose violent force set searing course, Pounding, lashing, driving you insane. Nature harsh and heartless, Life’s bitter curse raps at your door; … More Gathering Storms

On Tattoos & Transformation – The Meaning Beneath the Ink

In 2006 I was transformed; painfully, permanently. That was the year I suffered a mental breakdown and spent the majority of the year surrounded by the thick fog of depression. Emerging from the darkness after many endless months it was apparent to me that I would never be the same again, that everything I thought … More On Tattoos & Transformation – The Meaning Beneath the Ink

Strike a Pose (Featuring Hey Saturday)

Life can take some unexpected turns when you start to say yes. Following my wholly unexpected and, as it turned out, pretty successful Ultimate Style & Dating Fix with TranslateHer (, opportunity came a-knocking again, this time in the shape of a photo shoot. Now, I would never have imagined that a ‘models wanted’ request … More Strike a Pose (Featuring Hey Saturday)

I See You

I see you I hear what you say I read what you’ve written But I see What you conceal You reveal What you hide I seek; answers Revealed not in words But in the silences I hear And now I see You You were there all along Soundtrack: Can’t Stand Me Now – The Libertines

Best Laid Plans… Starting Again After Divorce

In between threatening to make his opponent his girlfriend and to eat his rivals’ children, Mike Tyson uttered some wise words in his time. This particular quote has a certain resonance with the divorced middle-aged man looking to pick up the pieces of his life and start again. Well, with this one at least. Except … More Best Laid Plans… Starting Again After Divorce

It’s Time to Talk – Mental Illness: A Common Opponent

I’ve always been a talker, for as long as I can remember. Talk a glass eye to sleep I could. If it came into my head then, more often than not, it would fall out of my mouth in pretty short order. It’s fair to say that this characteristic hasn’t always been appreciated as countless … More It’s Time to Talk – Mental Illness: A Common Opponent

Dating for Dummies – 9 Lessons from the Rocky Road to Romance

Well, 2016 is rounding off to a close and folks, it’s been quite a year. Much of it has been spent riding the dating rollercoaster so here is a round-up of some of the lessons I’ve learned through all of the thrills, spills and chills. If you’ve been there may I raise from you a … More Dating for Dummies – 9 Lessons from the Rocky Road to Romance