Invisible Voices

A whisper sounds and louder grows, In my ear repeating those, Words that set my teeth on edge, Barbed and pointed, make no sense. No logic to the twisted jibes, That crawl out from the hole in which they hide; Until such time my guard is dropped, Let loose their bullets, in torrents non-stop. Breaching … More Invisible Voices

Stumbling Through Fog

Stumbling through fog, steps unsteady, Lacking direction, feet feeling heavy; Tied to a weight that anchors my will, Resists forward motion, implores me to be still. To shrink within the mist that obscures the way, Out of this funk that shrouds my days; Draws blinds across the path that stretches far ahead, Starving hopes to … More Stumbling Through Fog

Gathering Storms

When dark clouds gather and smother you, Overbearing with their gloom; When chills set in, piercing skin, When hope leaks out from you. As a whirling storm gathers, Howling winds and beating rains; Whose violent force set searing course, Pounding, lashing, driving you insane. Nature harsh and heartless, Life’s bitter curse raps at your door; … More Gathering Storms